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is pleased to offer its customers revolutionary and cutting-edge heating technology. Our Jet Heat heater features a turbine jet engine that is >97% efficient.

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JetHeat GT1400


Industrial Heating Solutions

The JetHeat GT 1400 delivers tremendous heat and savings by being economical and environmentally friendly

Fuel Savings

JetHeat’s high pressure combustor/burner generates the most efficient heat in the industry. The patented Micro Turbine “Blue-Burner” technology results in very low fuel consumption vs. output. Calculating the fuel cost difference between JetHeat and its nearest competitor, there is a potential for up to 62% savings.


JetHeat Micro Turbine technology is the most advanced in the world, requiring minimal maintenance. Your heater will spend more time heating and less time being serviced.

Carbon Footprint

Green by design, JetHeat is Carbon Neutral vs. the Competition. It does not produce greenhouse gasses such as NOX and SO2. The low fuel consumption contributes to substantially less CO2 generation.


JetHeat GT1400

About JetHeat's Patented Flameless Industrial Heaters

Portable industrial heaters manufactured by JetHeat are the most efficient, powerful, environmentally friendly heaters available. The JetHeat line utilizes a unique patented technology to create instantaneous heat. They are the world’s only flameless industrial heaters driven by a Micro Turbine jet engine.

  • Patented Technology: The world’s only micro-turbine powered diesel heater with >97% engine efficiency.
  • Highest Performance: Deliver heat up to 500 feet away. Consuming between 3.2 to 5.3 gallons of diesel per hour.
  • Lowest Total Project Costs: Replace multiple competitive heaters and benefit from the lowest long-term maintenance cost.

Established in 2011, JetHeat LLC manufactures the world’s leading portable heaters. Our industrial flameless heater, with patented Micro Turbine technology, is our core unit. Our equipment is 100% designed, crafted, and assembled in North America.

JetHeat fuels profits for customers by conserving time, money, and energy.  We generate revenue for our customers by reducing heating fuel consumption, workplace slow-downs, and mitigating environmental obstacles to progress.  We design equipment with safety in mind from the start. JetHeat delivers tremendous heat and savings by being efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Product Specifications & Applications

JetHeat GT1400

JetHeat 1400 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6’8″W x 12’L x 8’H
  • Weight: 3500 LBS.
  • Heat Output: 1.4 Million BTU’s Equivalent
  • Fuel: ULS Diesel #1 or Kerosene
  • Fuel Consumption: 2.9 to 4.9 Gallons per Hour
  • Thermal Efficiency: >97%
  • Air Flow: 3,900 to 7,200 CFM
  • External Static Air Pressure: 20″ WC
  • Air Quality: Less than 10 PPM CO and odourless
  • Air Temperature: 145°F to 200°F Rise over inlet temperature

Possible Applications

  • Temporary Site Heating
  • Equipment Startup
  • Heating BOP’s, Wellheads
  • Frost Prevention System
  • Gas Compressor Sites
  • Concrete Curing
  • New Building Construction
  • Steam-Line Pre-Heating
  • Pipeline Pre-Expansion
  • Thermal Conditioning
  • Tank, Vessel Coat Curing
  • Plant Start-up, Turnarounds
  • Flood Clean-up
  • Pipeline Heating, Drying
 Gal / Hr Burn
 Cost / Hr
 Cost / Day
Jet Turbine
2.9 - 4.9 Gal/Hr
8.6 Gal/Hr

    *Calculated using U.S. $3.00 cost per gallon.  

Our corporate office is currently located in Watford City, North Dakota.
301 S MAIN STREET ~ WATFORD CITY ND 58854 ~ (701) 842-3482